I came to this program after nearly loosing my life due to heart failure from my 15 year addiction to Meth. Not that I had much of a life before I came, I threw it all away for my addiction. My family barley holding on, my kids in the custody of someone else, a couple bags of belongings was all I had to show for my life. It was predicted I wouldn't live much longer my heart functioning at 15%. I felt ashamed of what my kids had for memories of a mother and my family as a daughter, sister, and grandchild. I was the only one out of the family to veer from a normal life, I had a good upbringing and never wanted for anything until I tried meth. It was like my whole life changed from that day. I had to have it to function, to feel normal. I couldn't even stay sober to keep my kids. I never thought I would ever be sober. 
        I tried a couple rehabs before coming to Start Living, they only lasted a couple of weeks. And I would leave to return to drugs. I am positive the difference between the other programs and this one is the presence of God. Its a non-judgemental environment for broken struggling women to find hope. I was welcomed in and introduced to my first understanding of God, and that alone saved my life. Working along side with one of the most compassionate, professional, successful woman I have ever met in my life. Marviena Thomas, the owner of  start living not only provides a man or women with the tools to live a successful life she shows up and works with us. She gets to know each of us individually and guides and encourages us to success. There is no way to explain the gratitude I have except by showing it thru my continuing sobriety. I have never been happier in my life and doors just keep opening up. Thank you Start Living Inc. for a chance at a life that I surely thought was lost.

     " During my six month stay at Start Living I was able to take the time and energy to focus on myself.  In this time I realized the changes I needed to make in my life to become productive and successful.
     By following a structured and disciplined program built around the word of God, I have learned how to become a better person.  I have also become a self-reliant man with the knowledge and confidence to lead a peaceful and spritual life.  Thanks Start Living! "
     - Freddie Neely
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